5 Pictures that are Worth 5,000 Words

Let’s face it, nowadays most people are looking to the Internet when they buy their next home. And when we go on the Internet we all want to see photos. So having great photos of your home is very important when it comes to selling it for a great price. They say that a picture is worth 1000 words so here are five pictures that are worth 5000 words or dollars, or more:

1.   A great exterior photo. It’s really important that you have a great exterior photo. Many photos on the Internet feature a car in the driveway a burnt out yard or worse. Your real help real estate agent can help you to stage the exterior of your home so that your home really shine.



2.  A fantastic looking kitchen. Most of us spend a lot of our time in the kitchen and it’s really important have a great photo of your kitchen. Get rid of all the clutter off the countertops and make sure that you highlight your great appliances. The angle of the photo is critical so that the buyer can see all of your features.



3.  A great master bedroom and bathroom shot. What do buyers want to see?, a beautiful master bedroom. If there’s any improvements or cleanup they needs to take place do that before the photos so that your master bedroom and bathroom really shine. Highlight the amenities of your master bath such as walk-in shower or jetted tab.



4.  Family room. Make sure that you have a great chance at showing off your family room or great room. Get rid of all of the clutter and show the buyer how welcoming and warm your family room to me is. You may want to consider getting rid of an extra chair or couch to make the room open and inviting.



5.  Backyard living. If you have a great backyard show it off. You want the buyers to see the amenities that you’ve put into your yard, and how wonderful and opened it is. Again if there’s any cleanup to do do it before the photography so that your backyard really looks great.  Get all the weeding and tree trimming done so that the buyers can imaging relaxing on your patio or deck.