Do it Yourself Purchase

If you are looking to buy a home, take advantage of our Do it Yourself Purchase program. Simply use our “Search Like a Realtor” technology to search for the perfect home. Narrow your search to the top 5 homes that you’d like to see and input the addresses into the link below. An approved Real Help Real Estate Broker will contact you and set an appointment to show you all 5 homes. When you buy your new home, 1% of the Real Estate commission will be credited toward your down payment or closing costs. Didn’t find the perfect home? Don’t worry, you’ll have 45 days to continue to search for the right home and still earn 1% through the Do it Yourself Purchase program.

I love using “Search Like a Realtor”. I found 4 great homes, looked at them all in one day, bought my home and got $1850 for closing costs. Works great.
– Amy H.

I worked though the Do It Yourself program with a local expert from Real Help. It took a month but I found the perfect home and earned 1%. Really Happy…
– Jennifer S.


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